Andrew York – Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats: Improvisation

Andrew York Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats Improvisation PDF

Andrew York Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats Improvisation PDF + Mp3 CD download. World-famous guitarist and composer Andrew York has created the Classical Cats series to be the classical guitarist’s ultimate guide to jazz. For many musicians, the thought of improvising can be intimidating. In this exciting conclusion to the Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats trilogy, Andrew York shows you that improvisation is a skill that can be learned and practiced just like any other. It s simply a matter of knowing where you re going (targeting chord tones) and how you re going to get there (scales and modes). By practicing the ear training and visualization exercises in this book, you will learn how to turn the music you hear in your “mind s ear” into imaginative, great-sounding jazz solos. A CD demonstrating the examples in the book is included.
His expertise and knowledge of the classical guitar as a former member of the Los Angeles Quartet certainly establishes him an authority on composing and arranging for the guitar. Beyond an doubt, this is one off the best methods for understanding how to play jazz on the classical guitar. For anyone who has a little knowledge of guitar music, this approach is easy to follow while at the same time unfolding a wealth of information on how to approach jazz on the classical guitar.

Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 65 pages

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One review on Andrew York – Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats: Improvisation

  1. Good quality scan and tracks. The book itself is unique since the exercises and content focus on the open position and major and minor modes first so it’s far more accessible for classical guitars than most jazz and improvisation books.

    However, it’s the 3rd book in the series following Harmony and Chord/Melody where the necessary theory, jazz chart reading and jazz chord-voicing is taught first and since a fingerpicked nylon string has vastly different chord-voicing fingerings than electric jazz guitars due to different muting and strumming mechanics… Well, you’re probably going to need to look up the previous books in the series even if you have jazz background or maybe Latin guitar background, especially Brazilian and new flamenco, where the voicing fingerins and progressions are also taught for the nylon string.

    Anyhow, good book but should really get the whole series.

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