Arnie Berle’s Fretboard Fundamentals

Arnie Berle Fretboard Fundamentals PDF

Arnie Berle Fretboard Fundamentals PDF download. Here in one book and the tools needed for a mastery of both single note and bar chord techniques. Every exercise is presented in all 12 keys, with straight-forward explanations, and many illustrative applications of the material. Designed for the beginner, as well as the professional, Arnie Berle’s Fretboard Fundamentals offers the guitarist of any level a practical and pleasant method for advancement. A very great book for learning to play guitar, easy to understand step by step.
With this single-string and bar-chord guide, learn left-hand control, fluency and the surest way to playing effortlessly in six positions in all keys.
The book can be used by teachers with beginning students since it begins with the first notes a student learns in the open position, and it can be used by the more advanced players who wish to increase their facility in the higher positions. The material is divided into two parts – single string studies and chord studies, so that the teacher can assign lessons according to the needs and abilities of each student.

Format: PDF, 102 pages

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Jun 9, 2021   

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