Gavin Harrison – Rhythmic Illusions

Gavin Harrison Rhythmic Illusions

Gavin Harrison Rhythmic Illusions PDF + Mp3 CD download. This material is aiming for musician who has already been playing a while, and maybe reads a bit too, but who is starting to get stuck in a creative rut. (Yes, it happens to all of us sooner or later). This book will help to ease you out of that rut, and maybe inspire you to explore some new rhythmic compositions by using these concepts and methods as a launch pad for your own creativity.
‘Rhythmic Illusions’ are about making small changes to a conventional pattern in order to persuade the listener that the tempo, and or time signature has momentarily changed.The secret of a good illusion is to make sure that the pattern you are presenting, is a simple recognizable rhythm that the listeners’ ear will naturally pick up on. A rhythmic illusion will have it’s best effect when it ‘appears’ that the drummer has temporarily left the downbeat and tempo behind,whilst the music carries on unchanged underneath it.
People often talk about the emotional aspects of music, in particular the effect of ‘tension and release’. I like to think of Rhythmic Illusions as the ‘tension’, to present a way rhythmically to get the listener onto the edge of their seat, before returning to the ‘groove’ again as the ‘release’.
If you are wanting to stretch yourself musically and you want to be challenged too, get this book. Gavin is an amazing drummer and he shares his knowledge and rhythmic insights with the drum community with this book and many of his other publications. It helps to have some basic note reading skills for this book. This book is well organized, clearly written and full of all kinds of mind-blowing stuff that will keep me entertained for a while. The demo CD contains about all the examples played out along with some “musical considerations” so you get to hear how this crazy stuff can be applied.


Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 71 pages

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