Guitar Techniques October 1997

Guitar Techniques October 1997

Guitar Techniques October 1997 PDF + Mp3 CD download. The worlds best high-quality guitar tuition from the UKs foremost teachers and players! In every issue of Guitar Techniques, you’ll find: World’s best guitar lessons that you won’t find on the net; Fully accurate song transcriptions; Star artist video masterclasses; Every lesson on cover CD with full top-quality audio.

Guitar Techniques October 1997 contents:

  • The Pink Floyd Chronicles – David Mead’s adventures in wonderland! Doing time with one of the biggest bands in the world – Tim Renwick, Phil Taylor and the main man himself, Dave Gilmour
  • Easy Like…Murder By Numbers – The Police Sting and boys are brought to justice!
  • Jazz Standard: Sophisticat’ed Lady – Duke Ellington Elegance itself
  • Transcription: Wish You Were Here (live version) – Pink Floyd. Tripping the light (show) fantastic!
  • Smash Hit: The Cranberrits – Zombie Day of The Dead Good
  • Unplugged: James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend. Just call out his name…
  • Taylor Made: Blues For Toby part 2. Embellishing the melody
  • Geoff’s Blues: Dave Gilmour – Standing Around Crying. No more tears from Floyd’s guitar man as he takes on this Muddy Waters classic in a display of taseteful blues guitar
  • Shaum Baxter’s Beyond Rock: Van Halen – Push Comes To Shove Didn’t they spill your pint?
  • Hot Country: Intervals. Seconds out – Lee Hodgson mounth an expedition into space!
  • GT Tips: How to use a Wan-wah pedal – or the wah to end all wahs…


Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 74 pages

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