Jam with Fretboard Wizard Michael Angelo

Jam with Fretboard Wizard Michael Angelo PDF

Jam with Fretboard Wizard Michael Angelo PDF + Mp3 CD download. Michael Angelo invented and was the world’s first player of the twin necked, left and right-handed Double guitar which has since become his trademark. He amazes audiences worldwide by playing the guitar either right or left-handed, or playing both guitars at the same time in harmony, or literally two separate parts and/or melodies at the same time.
Now you have the opportunity to take a private lesson with Michael Angelo, and then actually Jam with man himself. The CD contains 10 rock jam tracks featuring Michael Angelo on guitar, technique tips on speed picking, arpeggios and other aspects of his blistering technical prowess, plus a showcase of Michael’s soloing technique as he gives excerpts from each track a full measure of Angelo magic! The booklet includes transcriptions for each backing track, scale choices, chord shapes, warm up exercises and soloing suggestions.

Tracks include:

  • Dream Up
  • Give me Jimi
  • Showtime
  • Off and Running
  • Crying Won’t Help You now
  • Wishes
  • Out of Bounds
  • ZZ’s
  • Quick start
  • What I Will And Won’t Do


Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 14 pages

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Aug 26, 2021   

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