Keith Wyatt – Beyond Basics: Electric Slide Guitar

Keith Wyatt Beyond Basics Electric Slide Guitar

Keith Wyatt Beyond Basics Electric Slide Guitar PDF + Mp3 CD download. The unmistakable gutsy and soulful sound of slide guitar can be a valuable addition for any electric guitarist. GIT’s top instructor and veteran blues/rock man Keith Wyatt demonstrates various glass and metal slides and explains which ones are the best. He then takes you step by step through all the slide techniques.
Topics covered include choosing the right slide, open “blues” tunings, stylistic licks and patterns, standard tuning techniques and more. The book contains a full-color photo section showing all types of slides, and it includes 32 music examples in standard notation and tablature.
For those in the beginner and intermediate level who want to get their feet wet with slide guitar without spending too much money on all sorts of DVD’s this is a good place to start, as Keith talks about different slides, phrasing, clean tone and vibrato before he gets into the meat of the subject.
It is only 35 pages long and so he touches on mostly playing in standard tuning and a bit in open E tuning, which is common for electric guitar. It also covers some blues basics, like what a 12 bar form it.
It really translates either way to be honest: open G on acoustic is normally played open A on electric. Open D on acoustic is normally played open E on electric. So they end up being the same licks.
Either way, slide playing is really fun, liberating, and a great skill to add to your bag of guitar tricks, even if you only end up adding it here and there to your own songs.
This book is intended for those, who have an experience of playing blues guitar and want to get into slide. This book covers the subject very well (it’s mostly BLUES slide book, but hey, it’s what the slide is mostly good for), Keith shows you how to begin playing with slide (at first in standard tuning by the way), shows techniques and then he gets down to some pretty standard blues slide licks.
This book to be very useful and don’t consider that “Fretboard Roadmaps – Slide Guitar” is better simply, because Keith is way better player, the feel, the tone, the licks, everything is better then in other book. So if you are experienced in blues guitar and want to play blues slide, get this book, forget about Fretboard Roadmaps, which is kinda “slide in every style” book, with more open tunings explained frankly speaking, but with poor licks, poor sounding CD, and songs and licks repeated in several keys – gee, if you know how to play in any key, you’ll be able to play same stuff almost in every key.


Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 34 pages

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