Nick Nolan – Rock Lead Performance

Nick Nolan Rock Lead Performance PDF

Nick Nolan Rock Lead Performance PDF + Mp3 CD download. A detailed edition containing information on techniques, scales and soloing concepts for guitar. Nick Nolan and Danny Gill have created an in-depth study of modes; soloing over chord changes and modulations; harmonic minor, diminished, and other scales; blues-base music all to develop both practical skill and an understanding of performance, technique and style. CD includes over 70 full-demo tracks. Presented in both standard notation and Guitar tablature.
Need some new approaches to your playing then this is the book for you. The authors assume that you know the all the basic scales (major, natural minor, pentatonic) and performance techniques (bends, vibrato slides) so if you don’t this is not the book for you. But if you do, they give you ideas on how to deal with most musical situations such a the blues, styles of rock and then go on to show you how to cover some of the more challenging chord changes (diminished, m7 flat five etc). They also cover model playing, modulation and covering secondary dominate chord changes. The included CD, which is backed up by the transcription (tab and standard), covers all these situations allowing you to practice what is discussed in the book, another fine book.

Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 80 pages

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