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Peter Fischer Blues Guitar Rules PDF

Peter Fischer Blues Guitar Rules PDF + Mp3 CD download. An in-depth look at the practical and theoretical concepts of traditional and modern blues guitar, covering all the important technical, rhythm and improvisational ideas. The book is divided into three stages: easy blues, blues & blues rock styles, and jazz blues. Stage 1 describes the development and basis of blues guitar, and is particularly appropriate for beginners.
Stage 2 goes off more in the rock direction and gives the reader an insight into the concepts and licks of several influential guitarists including Clapton, Hendrix, Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, and others. Stage 3 features a number of concepts that come from jazz that can also be used in a blues context. A great number of examples and blues jam tracks appear on the accompanying CD. In notation and tablature.
This book serves two purpose: for intermediate level guitarists who wish to understand blues form music in different styles and for those who have been readily listening to a variety of blues music but lacks the technical knowledge on playing and get those sounds. I think anyone interested in whatever form of blues guitar music (i.e. from B.B. King’s school, high-energy-type (e.g. Gary Moore) to even fusion-influenced sounds (e.g. Robben Ford), can benefit from this book. There are no exercises or drills for you to master every skills that are mentioned, it just demo to you how it is done. So you have to do more research or consult other books on your interested areas.
Guitar licks, jam tracks and explanation of styles, harmonic structures, clear outline of contents are all packed into one book. The sound recordings is very nice too.
I have been reading a number of books by Peter Fischer (master of rock guitar and rock guitar secrets) and found contents of his books are very contemporary and useful. I like his books and deeply believe his books can satisfy your quest for knowledge for intermediate level players.

Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 86 pages

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