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Ray Badness Drum Programming PDF download. Drum Programming: A Complete Guide to Program & Think Like a Drummer. This is your complete guide to programming and thinking like a drummer – not a drum machine user. Instead of merely providing instructions for you to program into your machine, this book is a direct, mathematical approach to learning how to drum and how to best emulate a drum kit on a pre-recorded track. By following this book, you will gain an understanding of the drum kit that takes many drummers years to learn – and that will lead to more realistic programming and better results!


  • The Basics
  • Kick and Snare
  • Hi-Hat and Ride Cymbals
  • Tom-Toms
  • More Cymbals


Ray has done a great job. He provides the information in a clear, concise manner. Its amazing that this book was written in 1991, and yet it feels like it could have been written yesterday. This is because the book teaches how to think about beats and program them in a way that is realistic to what an actual drummer could play. He uses a simple to understand chart method that is based on 16th notes, just like the old Roland TR 909 interface, super easy to understand. Ray gets right to the point, and then has you program in some example beats. If you’re not a drummer, but want to learn how to program your drum machine so that it sounds realistic and not like a “beat box” then this book is for you. The Boss Dr. Rhythm 880 is aimed at guitar/bass players, and they should really include a copy of this book with every unit they sell. Its really amazing how hard it is to find information on how to decide WHAT to program into a drum machine, and Ray does a great job with this text.
This book is an excellent introduction for those who learn by doing. This book quickly tasks the reader to program basic kick-snare patterns, and gradually builds on these patterns to explain hats and rides, toms, and cymbals. By the end, the book will have given you enough patterns to program a complete drum track for a straightforward pop song, as well as the fundamentals to create drum tracks on your own.
This book, even given its relative old age, is excellent and is the best book I could find currently to help guide me in developing my own midi drum patterns. The book is written around using a drum machine and thus is limited in scope compared to what can be done with modern digital audio workstations, however: it does give the reader a basic understanding of how to setup your own drums to your songs or for jamming. The book explains how a drummer actually composes a beat and what part each drum plays. The fundamentals of where to put the kick drum and the snare drum start the book off, then it leads into hi-hats and cymbals (where my only criticism of the book comes in), and into toms then fills. The book give several examples of basic patterns and fills as lessons for programming into a drum machine.

Format: PDF, 58 pages

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