Ray Brown’s Bass Method

Ray Brown’s Bass Method PDF

Ray Brown’s Bass Method PDF download. Essential Scales, Patterns, and Exercises. Legendary jazz bassist Ray Brown reveals his lessons and teaching philosophy in this in-depth book. Ray Brown presents his foundation for playing in this book. It is a study on finger positions, scales, and chords. It is an Etude book with an edge. Most exercises are presented in an easy to understand manner, that should help any Jazz Bass player ” be mo, like Ray!”
This isn’t really a method book; the subtitle, “Essential Scales, Patterns and Exercises” describes it better. As an adjunct to other study material it’s useful, but as a jazz method it’s a bit lacking. There’s no discussion whatsoever, and nothing that really connects to the style of Ray Brown. For that matter, much of the material recapitulates exercises found in Simandl and other bass methods.
Bass players looking to develop some jazz chops should look at Bob Magnusson’s “The Art of Walking Bass”, Ron Carter’s Building Jazz Bass Lines and Ed Friedland’s Building Walking Bass Lines, among others. The Ray Brown book might serve as a collection of etudes to practice along with these books.
This is a comprehensive book, with hands position and progressive scores to start the upright bass, WITH a teacher. By itself, this method is not enough for a complete autodidact learning of the instrument.


  • solo exercises and arpeggios
  • music fundamentals
  • right- and left- hand positions
  • scales
  • chords
  • exercises in tenths
  • rhythm patterns with “drops”
  • diminished chords
  • runs and variations
  • blues patterns
  • extension scales
  • and much more


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