Tom Kolb – Chord Progressions for Guitar

Tom Kolb Chord Progressions for Guitar PDF

Tom Kolb Chord Progressions for Guitar PDF + Mp3 CD download. This “private lesson” with instructor Tom Kolb is an easy-to-use guide to the most essential chords, rhythms and strumming patterns for a huge variety of musical styles: rock, blues, jazz, country, folk, R&B, funk, soul, Latin jazz, fusion, ska, reggae and gospel! Each musical example in the book is demonstrated on the accompanying CD, backed by a full rhythm section.
It is useful for the beginner and intermediate guitar player, as it lays out smart chord progressions and includes 100 well-recorded tracks covering most styles in American popular music, from folk rock to heavy rock, from country to new wave, from soul & funk and reggae to classic rock ballads. If you are a well-rounded music lover that enjoys different styles, particularly from the ’60s to the ’80s, this book will have something for you.
Playing the tracks in enjoyable in its own right, but the greatest benefits will come from studying the progressions (rhythm, harmony and melody) and relating it to the famous and worthy music that guided the making of this book.
The author introduces EACH progression with very welcomed info on harmony, suggested playing technique, tricky parts and what makes the track effective. Since the exercises are separated by style rather than difficulty, you might be stuck on a tough “country rock” lick, but if you move a few pages ahead you might find a rock ballad that is much easier. That is just an example, but the message is: browse through the whole book – there are lots to enjoy. Some tracks you might be able to play right away, others will take considerable practice to sound right… But in the end, by the time you master this fine book, you will be ready to join most bar bands in the world!

Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 56 pages

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