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William Bay Guitar Images PDF + Mp3 CD download. 25 acoustic guitar solos. The solos in this collection present a myriad of moods on the guitar. They were written to be very expressive, contemplative pieces which could be performed in a variety of secular and sacred settings. Some of the pieces were scored for 7-string guitar; however, they can also be performed on 6-string guitar-indicated are the alternate 6-string pedal tones in the tablature part. Many of the solos use a “cross-picking” technique alternating higher position closed strings and open strings, resulting in a ‘harp-like’ effect. The included tablature parts allow for a clear presentation of this effect and clarify where on the fingerboard these passages should be played. A number of the pieces are in Dropped D tuning, highlighting the rich resonance that tuning gives the instrument. All of these solos may be performed by the classical or fingerstyle guitarist or, as originally performed, with a pick. Explore the diverse moods presented in this collection and make full use of the many avenues of expression offered in these pieces! A companion dual CD is available with all 25 solos included.

Songs include:

  • A Place of Rest
  • Alone
  • Assurance
  • Charlie’s Lament
  • Clouds
  • Daydreams
  • Distant Homeland
  • Fields of Culloden
  • Gentle Voice
  • Hope
  • Horizon
  • Light Through Mist
  • Longing
  • Morning Aire
  • Morning Carol
  • My Irish Home
  • New Day
  • Peace
  • Prairie Sunrise
  • Regret
  • Reveroe
  • Sleeping Child
  • Sweet Memories
  • The Sea of Recollection
  • Vigil


Format: PDF + CD Mp3 tracks. 81 pages

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One review on William Bay – Guitar Images

  1. Why is it that so many composers do so well writing etudes but then screw up their “serious” original work? Bay’s Achieving Guitar Artistry was so much better than this…

    Really glad I had a chance to go through it and hear the pieces before (not) ordering. Thanks for saving me a couple of bucks 😀

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